Transition to Morris Lawrence Building at WCC

Happy 2018, and greetings from your Waterman Transition Committee,

We have been hard at work this fall trying to prepare the way for a smooth transition of our Waterman Town Hall Luncheon programs to Washtenaw Community College beginning next October 2018.  The Morris Lawrence Building will provide a lovely venue with lots of free parking for the next two years while the Michigan Student Union is being renovated.  We are confident that the space at WCC will be pleasant, the food very good, and we will continue to enjoy great speakers!

There is one necessary change that will take us all some time to solve, so we want to alert you all now so that you can begin to consider how you can help.  Like our previous Michigan League venue, WCC has tables for 8 persons.   Some of our table groups now have 9 or 10 people at a table.  Our president Cliff Sheldon has already contacted table “captains” of 9 or 10-person tables and asked them to talk with their friends and work out a solution to this problem.  Tables of 8 do offer much better opportunity for conversation and ease of passing beverages.  We thank you in advance for your assistance and willingness to make this transition possible.  There is also ample space in the ante-room at the Morris Lawrence Building for visiting with friends if you arrive early.

As we look forward to the March 28th and April 24th Town Hall programs, we will continue to work on a smooth transition to our new home at WCC.  In the meantime, we will be happy to work with table groups and those who have transportation questions.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Waterman Group and the University of Michigan students for whom we raise scholarship funds.

Cathy Gillgenbach, Jean Gosling, Marlys Hamill, Sally Kennedy, Jim Low, Gary and Mary McClusky, Jean Nelson, Cliff Sheldon and Carolyn Tyson

Register today for the 2024-25 Town Hall season! Mail-in forms and online registration & payment are available on the Join Waterman page. Please register by June 15, 2024.